Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Kay I was just sitting here reading Danielle's Blog when one of students comes up to me.
Then she jabs her little kimchi finger on my face, and then shows me that it is covered with goo. WTF? She then runs off and I think she rubbed it on a couple other faces. I ask some of the milling students what the fuck was that? Hoping desperatly that it was not a body fluid, but rather some sort of skin conditioner or something.

They tell me its cream, and it sounds like they are saying "Shoe cream"? I point at my foot, "Shoe cream?" I ask.

"No, no" they discuss it amongst them selves and try "Cake cream?"
"Frosting?" I ask, and they nod yes. I just got a money shot of frosting across my cheek? WTF? I swear I will never understand these kids. At least I get to go home now, for 3 whole days. YAY!

Merry X-mas everyone. Except dave and the esl cafe mods. Fuck you guys. I hope you all get beat downs for christmas.

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