Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Too much bitching

So it came down from the head office yesterday, I will be going to work for the entire winter break. To many NETs were bragging on ESL cafe (fuck you dave) that they did not have to desk warm, because like me they only had six camps or so, and cool VPs and Principles who would not force them to stay.

So the unlucky ones, who had to desk warm, or teach camps the entire time started bitching to their reps, and their VPs, who then bitched to the provincial office, who then decided to crack down on us lucky few.

I cant wait to see how this plays out though, at my wifes school they had to cancel a couple weeks of her camps because they did not have the budget to send another teacher to school with her! She is going to have to stay home and report on her activities or something.

I hope thats how it goes with me too, then I can say I have be doing something intangible like lesson planning. If not, I guess I will be running around the school, risky business style. Unless they turn off the heat...

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