Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dave is a piece of shit

As you know by now, I was banned from the ESL cafe. I have not applied for a new account, nor do I plan to. I rarely visit the sight anymore, I am trying to boycott it altogether, but like a crack addict I keep going back. I still visit the site, read the posts impotently wanting to comment. I sit bathed in my monitor's warm glow, gently weeping at what was once a beautiful thing.

As I said before, Dave can suck my dick. I am not bitter of course, I just like to hold grudges.

So far my classes have been sucking today, I dont know if it because it is monday or what. My students have no energy or interest in any of the materials today, I dont really blame them, this shit is boring.

I have to teach boring pointless dialogue out of a shitty textbook for every class. I dont have the freedom a lot of other Englishee teachers have, we cant play games, create new materials, or watch videos in any of my classes. We have to get through a certain amount of material every class, no excuses no free time.

This year is almost finished though. We are on the last chapter with two weeks to go. I am going to make sure that next year will not be the same. I have to use the materials in the CD and textbook, but I am going to change it all. I will be creating new power points to replace the shitty CD material.

I had planned on doing this over winter break. Since they canceled my break (no desk warming for me), and actually want me to work (shudder) I am not sure when I will have time to do this. Especially since I dont know how to use power point.

So I probably wont do anything. But it is fun to pretend.

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