Sunday, December 6, 2009


I have been banned from the ESL cafe!

I feel like a virgin on prom night! I was just raped by one of the moderators! I cant believe I got banned, my comment was quote " I am under 6"2 and the girls say I am too big after I take my pants off :)" .

Wow, that was a bannable offense? I have to agree with asmith on this, somebody needs to make a new forum. If I knew how to do it, or if I was not too lazy, I would start one!

Wow, I mean WoW! That got me banned? Not when I called Van Islander a douche bag (which he is), not when I told someone else they were retarded, but when I said that girls say that my penis is too big. I guess Dave has some insecurity about things like that.

I guess little dicks have to act like big dicks when someone might be unintentionally making fun at their expense. Sorry Dave! I didn't know your little man syndrome stemmed from your pants.

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