Saturday, December 26, 2009

East coast

My wife and I were in bed this morning, I was reading, and she was fucking around on the internets. While she was fucking around we got a skype call. It was her brother in law from the East coast.

For those of you who don't know what skype is or how it works, you probably are not reading this blog anyway. You are probably hiding in a cave somewhere living "off the grid" and plotting against the government, while reading the Anarchist's cookbook.

My wife's brother in law, is actually a half brother in law, because my Mother in Law was a wicked terrible slut and had like 6 kids with 4 or 5 different guys, and is on her 7th marriage. No shit.

She also use to raise foster children that no one else wanted. Why did no one else want them? Because they were insane or retarded. They were drug babies and children who were molested or their parents were murdered in front of them like dexter. Most of them had either attempted to murder another child, or molested one. And you wonder why my wife is so fucking weird.

Anyway he called from Boston, where they live. He just finished school, he is a Physical therapist now. Well not yet, first he has to take a test that costs a grand. On top of owing over $110,000 plus interest. He will make about $58,000 a year once he gets his license. Her sister is going into a similar field and will owe about and make about the same. When all is said and done the pair will owe around 300K and make around 100K a year.

With the cost of living on the East coast and their loans and taxes the poor kids will be barely making ends meet. I feel sorry for them. They had to work so hard, and pay so much money, just to make a semi decent wage in the US.

It really sucks too start out your married life owing enough money to buy two houses in California or a couple city blocks in Detroit.

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