Monday, December 7, 2009


My Vice Principle just asked me how many students were coming to see me in my classroom. I stupidly answered honestly. Since I have been ousted, I have seen maybe 3-4 students during lunch and breaks.

She says I can come back to the teacher's lounge, where it wont take me 10 minutes to reach the restroom, where the hot water is for tea, where all the other teachers are. I however dont really want to come back.

I like being banished. I like the solitude, I like not having the little, garbage breathed, disease carrying, annoying, curious students reading over my shoulders and asking me if I "Speak Korean" or "Like Kimchi" every fucking day.

I dont want to be un-bannished! She asked me if I would like to come back, but in a manner suggesting that I have no choice in the matter. It looks like I have to pack up my things and return to the den of iniquity that is the teacher's lounge.

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