Thursday, December 17, 2009

Silent treatment

Since my escapade with the good boys at the Jinro corporation's fine product Jinro Original, I will accept substitutes, my wife has been giving me the silent treatment. I dont really know why she thinks that is a punishment though.

Usually when we have dinner, she likes to monitor exactly how much food I have. She then enjoys complaining that I have taken too much. If I sit away from her, she will march over to me and peer into my bowl, mentally (emphasis on mental) calculating the proportion of dinner I have acquired for myself. Sometimes she will ask the children if they wanted more food, If no one says that they would enjoy more food, she then demands it for herself, regardless if there is any left in the pot or pan, she just wants mine. Last night she said nothing. I was able to eat my fill, and was not harassed in the slightest. It was a welcome relief.

I then decided to play games on my Xbox 360. She normally starts complaining almost immediately. I played until the graphics of Grand theft auto 4 started to give me motion sickness. She will play for hours on end, when she finds a game she likes. If I play, or our kids play for more than 15 minutes she grows incredibly upset. Last night she said nothing, it was a welcome relief.

I then retired to the bedroom. I watched silly videos on college humor, until I grew sleepy. Normally she follows me around wherever I go. She usually drags her own laptop with her, but monitors what I watch or do, complaining about the content, calling it stupid, and demanding that I watch some boring chick flick she downloaded. Sometimes she wants to watch episodes of the daily show, or some other program I enjoy, but then decides to do ten other things at the same time. She flits about while I sit bored waiting for her return. We watch about five minutes of the program, then she runs off again and demands it to be paused. A 22 minute episode of the daily show usually lasts a good hour to hour and 1/2. So last night I was able to watch videos uninterrupted and it was a welcome relief.

All in all I would say the silent treatment is working out pretty well for me. Sure there is no sex, but I have been married for almost 13 years so there is no sex anyway, silent treatment or not.

PS. Dave at ESL cafe is a douche, all the mods are douches, and anyone who still posts on it is a douche. Fuck dave, fuck the esl cafe, all the mods can go to hell.

감귤한알푸딩 = Feeling orange grudge the pudding which will know.

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