Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I had a dream

Since I have been in Kimchi land I have had the weirdest dreams. Last night I dreamed that evil hippos operating a backhoe were trying to burn down my house. I stopped them by stealing one of their babies. Why were they trying to burn down my house? Because I had discovered that in 1977 the Government had tried to use a stimulus package like they are today, only they used it to pay artists and writers to create a catalog of free art works and novels for the populace. Some how it was covered up, but I found one of the old catalogs.

I do not have class again today, I have 4 classes tomorrow though. It is going to be a tough day though, we are going to combine all the classes tomorrow. I have to teach them Jingle bell rock, Hey Jude, and Dancing queen. That is a lot of material to get through. I cant believe how hard this job has gotten. I don't know if I can do it much longer, but I don't get vacation until the end of January. Man I am already exhausted from this intense schedule.

I have been baking bread lately, each loaf has been better than the last. The one I made last night was perfection. It was a nice light crusty loaf, chewy and tasty. It was not at all like the shitty bread you get in this country. It all tastes like wonder bread and is sickeningly sweet. I am glad to be a master baker again.

Dave is a piece of shit, the ESL cafe is for child molesters and Glen Beck fans, I wouldn't piss on any of the mods if they were on fire.

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