Thursday, December 3, 2009


I finally made it back after three days of debauchery and mayhem at the teachers orientation. My orientation days were the last 3 days of the week, the elementary school went the first three days.

They sell alcohol at the teachers orientation in a convenience store located in the building. Shortly after arriving we were all herded into a large auditorium where we were informed that, Soju and Macoli would not be served.

Being all hopped up on Soju and Macoli the Elementary school teachers got so wild and out of control that they deemed it necessary to ban its sale, lest the other teachers also damage the facility.

People were pissed that their precious (and really cheap) booze would not be allowed, but beer was still available. Lots of beer was available, but it wasn't enough. Each nigh the native teachers bought so much beer that by the time the store closed the shelves were empty.

I dont understand why they thought that not making Korea's two favorite liquors available they would curb the NET's(native enrlish teachers) natural tendencies to drink massive quantities of alcohol and generally act like idiots.

Each night beer pong and other drinking games were played until the wee hours of the night. Each morning hordes of hung over sleep deprived zombies shuffled from one seminar to the next, mainlining coffee between sessions.

It was a lot of fun.

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