Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Nobody tells me shit.

I am not really complaining, I came in hungover, so I really dont care that I have not had a single class yet today. Will I have a class? I don't know, because as I mentioned in the title of this little essay, nobody tells me shit.

So I sit in my Englishee lab, isolated from the rest of the school, children's voices echoing through the hallways, running like "Johmbies" when the lunch bell rings. I sit and surf and eat and drink, it is peace full.

Will I have to make up these classes later? I don't know. Nobody tells me shit. I have not even seen my co-teachers today, I sat in the office for a little while and when I looked up the place was empty. My first class was suppose to start at 9:25 so I moseyed on down to the lab. It is darn near 12:20 and no one has shown up. Will they show up? I don't know, nobody tells me shit.

I have been perusing other peoples blogs, I am starting to get bored, but must fight the temptation to go to the fucking piece of shit garbage ESL cafe, where overlord cunt Dave sits with his stupid, smug, ugly face. He is looking down on you while he punishes those who dare to ask interesting and bold questions, while leaving the boring and plain to fester in mindless comments while stroking each others egos in a giant online circle jerk.

Maybe there is a new episode of Colbert up, I think I will check. I am not allowed to watch the daily show, unless my wife is present. But I think she cheats on me and watches Stewart at her office. I will catch her one of these days...


  1. All this stress over Dave's ESL Cafe is gonna cause an aneurysm to form in your brain or something.

    (And that would be just be playing into Dave Sperling's hands.)

  2. Fuck dave, fuck dave in his evil weaselly face.