Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dammit google!

Like many teachers, I use the internets in my classroom. When students, or co-teachers do not know a vocabulary word, and I cannot explain it with exaggerated gestures or in smaller words, I google it. Unfortunately you never know what you are going to get when you use a google search.

For example. No one knew what pale yellow was. They understood yellow, but you throw pale in front of the word, and it is utter confusion! Pale? How can it be teacher? Well I throw it into a google search and bam! Pictures of pale yellow.
No problem, pictures of flowers and bed sheets and swatches. It was fine. Then I did Aqua. A word they have never heard before.

"What is Aqua, Teacher?"

"Let me show you!"


I guess aqua is the color of hot wet sex, with razors!

Then I did a section on going to a bakery. Bread, its harmless, completely unsexy, it should be fine. Right?

"Class do you know what a loaf is?"


"Here, I will show you."

Nice google, real classy.

OK class, how about the post office? There cant be anything bad at the post office...Can there?

"Teacher, what stamp?"

"Let me google that for you!"

"You see, this lovely young lady has a stamp..."


  1. Haha, that's fucking hilarious dude. Nice post.

    About a year ago I was searching for pictures of "mud" to show my class. Fortunately (or unfortunately, normally)we didn't have computers in our classes, so I looked for it in the teachers' room.

    My boss - a big fat prick of a hagwon douche - came over to "chat" to me. At that exact moment Google popped up dozens of pictures of girls wrestling in mud...

    Funny, right? Yes, but that's not the funny part... Mr Park then grinned and poked me in the shoulder...

    "Are they your friends? Very nice!"

  2. I managed the same thing yesterday.
    Teaching about clothes around the world... Hanbok- no problem.
    Kimono- all good.
    Kilt- error. Having just clicked on any random picture at first I thought the kids were laughing at the concept of a man in a skirt, but no they were laughing at the idea of a man in a skirt with nothing on underneath.


  3. Great post. "I like the Engrish teacher at school mommy. He shows us nice pictures from America. Can I go to America mommy"