Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tired, so very tired

I had a big day today. First I walked to the ATM to get money so we could go to the doctor, dentist, dinner and get groceries. Then I made Kimchi.
Then I did my daily punishment with the blond dominatrix known as Zuzana.

Here is the link if you are interested.

I am at home on vacation right now, so I actually have to do more work than when I am "working". I have to feed, take care of, punish and wrangle two little kids now. I also have to clean, work out, shop and on top of all that go take them to the doctor and dentist.

First we had to brave the public transportation system, and travel about 40 minutes to get to the general area of the hospital. I say general area, because we really had no Idea where the fucking thing was, but that's how we roll. Maps, address, and planning is for pussies.

Amazingly we found the hospital right off the bat. My wife and I saw a physician for various aches and pains, she got her knee x-rayed. It cost 140,000 won (roughly $140) we thought it would be cheaper though. I got about a dozen x-rays for my knees, lower back, shoulders, knees again, shoulders again, and lower back again. It cost 70,000 won. I paid half as much to have 4xs more x rays. ?????

Then we went to the dentist. The kids each had two cavities. Back home it was costing us $160 a cavity without insurance. Each filling cost $100. Again, from what we have heard we thought it would cost less.

With the cleanings our bill came out at 560,000 won. Between the doctor and dentist we dropped almost 800,000 won. I think we have getting fucked by health care professionals. Still x-rays alone back in the US are usuall $140 a pop or so, the ones I got today would have been well over a grand by themselves, since the x-ray technician (who did not go behind a lead wall when he took the x-rays, by the way) took at least four shots for each body region.

Then we went to dinner. That only cost 28,000 for all four of us, and it was good. It was a floor sitting place, which I fucking hate, but luckily we were next to a wall, which I could lean against. My legs still fell asleep there, and when we were done, I ambled out like a drunken sailor, but the food was great, so that is all that really maters.

It was another of the Loving hut locations, each one is completely different. In the good ole USA if something is a chain, each place is virtually identical. We have been to three different places here, and the only thing they have in common is they all have wide screen TVs blaring vegan propaganda non-stop. Which we like, it makes us feel superior to the lesser meat eater. Forgive them supreme master, they know not what they do...

Now we are back home, and I am ready to just go to sleep. But my wife wants to watch a show, and she will probably try to rape me again at some point. Such is life.

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