Saturday, January 9, 2010

Where is everyone?

I guess because of winter break no one in Korea is blogging regularly anymore. I have grown used to Asmith posting every day up to three or four times a day. Since he got into a big fight with his wife, he hasn't regularly blogged about his daily shit while reading the Korean Herald. I am truly worried about the guy!

KRD is only posting every other day or so, Mike went on Vacation, Mildly Amusing has not lived up to his name since he bought his PS3, the only person who seems to still be posting somewhat regularly is Danielle, the pervy little minx she is. I really don't understand why she has yellow fever, she must get turned on by the odor of soju, onions, and fish or like the idea of being the indentured servant of a 30 year old man-child and his mother. Kinky.

I am just as guilty though. I did not blog yesterday, or last weekend. My wife has is the only one who has posted something every day last week.

My wife complained to me this morning about the terrible blogging situation, and I told her that there is a lack of non-personal drama due to everyone being on vacation or at winter camps. It seems like with the cold weather, and no classes everyone seems to have gone it a sort of blogging hibernation.

My wife being the kind soul she is, came up with this solution. She kicked me in the face.

"Now go blog about it!" she ordered.

And I did.

ROK on.

Everyone at the ESL cafe has severe genital warts.

contagious venereal diseases

Side note:
Then while writing this, someone just let out the most disgusting smelling fart ( apart from my own) that I have smelled in a long time. I can practically taste it, I feel nauseous, really, I have to leave this room. That's all I have for now.


  1. Sorry, man. I've been doing magazine work. I'm spending about six or eight hours a day editing a magazine, about six or eight hours a day teaching stupid kids, and the rest of the time I'm sleeping. I'll try and post something today, but I'm really fucking hungover right now.

  2. When in Rome, do the Romans. Right?

  3. Let me know when you go to Awesomecoolsville;)