Thursday, February 4, 2010


My wife came home today, did a short victory dance, called me a loser, then head butted me. Actually it was more of an awkward head rub as she miscalculated the distance between us and kind of massaged my massive biceps ( I decided to exaggerate to compensate for the circumstances) with her enormous head. Her head is enormous because of the massive ego contained inside.

Her ego has only been exaggerated, because today she has one more follower than me. Not like that is any measure of success or anything. Between the two of us there are less than 20 of you regularly reading our blogs.

So now she struts, she gloats, she is recording herself doing victory dances. She is the happiest she has been in a long time. And now all I want to do is destroy that happiness. That is what being married is all about.

That and giving each other head, especially if you are the one who gains the upper hand. The winner should always felicitate the loser.



  1. Don't you mean cunningilate? Last time I checked we both had vaginas and I always win.

  2. It's time to change your name. Face it, your awesome cool days are numbered.

  3. Everyone is always picking on me...

  4. Hm, I read both yours and your wives blog. I guess I am just going to have stop reading your wives blog.

  5. Winner should "Fellate" the loser - much better! Besides, just to show solidarity amongst fellow male bloggers, I will become your tenth follower, just to even things up a bit!