Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Staying home

I don't have to go to work today. The head English teacher told me to stay home and not go to work because she is have 3 dressers sent over to my house. She is moving to a new apartment and does not need them, so she is giving them to me. I have to pay shipping costs (60,000 won) which is far less than buying new ones.

They should be arriving this morning between 10-11 am. If I was still in America and had to go to an appointment, I would be expected to go to work after it is done. After the dressers get here, I will still have a good 4+ hours left in the day. That is one of best and most ridiculous things about Korea. Just skipping out on a whole day's work, just because you are having furniture delivered.

Its not like I am really doing anything at work anyway. I don't think my classes start until March, but who knows, they don't tell me shit. My classes could start tomorrow for all I know.


  1. ahahahahaha that's awesome. Classes start March 2nd btw and you will probably have a new co-teacher and they probably haven't decided who it will be yet. Oh joy! And if you are REALLY screwed you will be one of the schools getting the new textbooks and all of your lesson planning will be for naught!