Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy birthday Korea!

I got back into work today after a long weekend. Sunday was the lunar new year, which is a big important holiday in Korea. Everyone goes home, gives food to their ancestors, eats soup with rice cake and get a year older. Happy birthday Korea!

We spent the weekend inside, watching the Olympics and movies. We watched "2012" which is a movie about the end of the world. Personally I like disaster and apocalypse movies, which this film seemed to combine, only they did it in a way that totally sucked ass.

It was truly an awful film, and I was glad when the 2 and 1/2 hour piece of shit was over. I did appreciate that the majority of the human race was destroyed in the movie, but it was just so ridiculous that I could not enjoy the film. Its not like I really want people to die, but I would like to see a decline in the human population. Unfortunately we have a bunch of Catholics, Muslims, and Mormons all trying to out breed each other in a desperate bid for control of the worlds faith.

I once read about a program that India started, where they were giving young men stereos or other prizes in exchange for getting a free vasectomy. I thought that it was a brilliant idea. They had to stop it though, because the parents started complaining, they did not want to be denied grandchildren, illegitimate or otherwise. Having a giant family that you cannot feed or support is very important to the people of India.

I think all countries should do that though. Give an ipod or iphone to every male who gets a free vasectomy. Vasectomies are reversible, and less invasive than tubal ligation. Then when a young man is ready to start a family, and financially secure enough to have the process reversed, then he can get with the baby making. There would be a lot less single teen mothers, neglected children and a lower burden on the welfare system in countries if they did that.

It would not be without controversy of course. Religious groups would have a problem with it, even though it would drastically cut the number of abortions. Minorities would complain that they would be targeted in the US, because we are trying to stop them from breeding. Of course teenager, being young and stupid would have massive amounts of unprotected sex because of the lack of sexual education in the US and STDs rates would probably increase. There is also an increased risk of prostate cancer associated with vasectomies (as I found out after I had one). Would the dangers of a massive sterilization program outweigh the consequences of unwanted wanted pregnancy and irresponsible reproduction? I think so.

Even though I am guilty of increasing the world's population by two, and love my kids more than anything in the world, I would have preferred to have started my family after I graduated college. Because of my irresponsible sexual behavior I have been on and off of food stamps, and a drain on the public heath plan for 12 years. During my periods of unemployment or even underemployment, the cost of a vasectomy was less than my monthly allowance of food stamps. The state could have saved probably at least $5,000 a year if I had a vasectomy at the age of 19.


  1. Do you have two daughters or four? If it's only two you can chalk that up to replacement value instead of laying awake at night.

  2. I have 16 children. But only two that I take care of, the rest are on the street.

  3. Two might replace my wife and I, but if we assume that they have children at the same age as I (20) and those children have children at the same age (again 20) I will only be sixty, if they only have 2 children each, that is 8 lives brought into the world while I am still taking up resources. What if I live to 80+? I am actually contributing to exponential growth of the population.