Monday, February 1, 2010

Self destructive

On friday I ran up an escalator and hurt myself. While still recovering from that fiasco, I decided to work out today. While warming up, so I don't hurt myself, I hurt myself.

Something in my back snapped like a rubber band pulled too tight. My back muscles have been spasming ever since. I have spent the day in pain, and I am sure that by tomorrow morning I will be too stiff to get out of bed.

I have had problems with my back, on and off since 1997 when my first injury occurred, and I was too young and dumb to claim worker's comp. I was working in a grocery store back home, when I was stacking cases of soda, I felt something slip in my back, and haven't been the same since. Of course it was years later, after the business I was working for had folded that I realized the extent of the damage I had done to my spine.

Since then I have gone years without problems, only to over-excerpt myself or just sneeze and throw my back out.

The simple fact is, I am just getting too old for this shit...

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