Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Camps of doom

This is a hoodie one of the kids in my camp was wearing today. I love how it combines an icon for pornographic imagery with drug abuse. You could get kicked out of school for wearing this in America.

I wonder if, after church, his parents went shopping and saw this and were like "How cute! Da bunny eat da funny callot, he have browtie too, ha ha ha hirarirus! and Hojin he rook so cute in it."

Last night I was watching a travel show, and the host had a beenie that he wore all the time with a big fucking pot leaf on it. The Korean censorship board had no clue that this guy was promoting drug use on national TV.

I would love to point it some of the fucked up things the kids are wearing out to my co-teachers, but I don't want to get the kids in trouble, and they probably would not think it was nearly as funny as I do.

Yesterday it was a girl wearing a t-shirt that said "Retirement it help" It was not as funny as the blunt smoking playboy bunny, but it did make me wonder why a 13 year old was planning on retiring, and why it would help?


  1. I love that these kids wear whatever they want and the parents (and they) literally have no idea what it is they're wearing. A kid in any Western country wearing that to school would totally get sent home and likely suspended. Props to them though for having that in their wardrobe. I totally want one. Great blog! I'll be following ...

  2. Yeah no shit huh? My wife told me of a girl at her school, who during a talent show was wearing a t-shirt that said "Fuck bitches, get money". She is not the only person at the school who is fluent in English, but no one else seemed to notice or care.

  3. Oh Koreans and their stupidity... It knows no limit.

  4. I am desk warming at my school and found your blog via KRD. I'm entertained! Unfortunately, it's hard to try not to giggle in the teacher's room.

    On a related note, my boyfriend had an 8 year old student where a t-shirt to school that said 'TOO DRUNK TO FUCK' on it. Amazing.