Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This morning I was minding my own business, checking out things on the interwebs, when my wife said to me:

"I started my period." period.

"OK." what did she want? Sympathy? Attention? Applause? Or was there something she was trying to tell me?

"Where you late?" If she was pregnant that would be rather unfortunate, especially since I have had a vasectomy. Either my tubes grew back together, or some anonymous sperm donor would need to be dispatched Dexter style, along with an unfaithful bitch wife.

"No, I am just telling you so you don't try anything."She told me rather Icily. So I guess I don't need to buy some duct tape, plastic bags and a bone saw anytime soon.


I am a morning person, and I sometimes try to get it on in the morning, but usually while we are both still in bed. We had been up for a while, and I was not trying any of my signature moves. Like the sly spooning with a tit grab, or the suggestive dry hump, or the "how about a blow job?" (very smooth when properly executed).

My wife is a night owl, and her signature move when she wants sex is the "go down on me." command, or suggestive dry hump, however executed anally, power top style.

So it just kind of struck me as odd. Of course she is having her period, so that sort of thing should be expected.