Thursday, January 28, 2010

More popular

My wife and I both have blogs. She has been blogging for almost two years, while I have been for 9 months or so. Until we moved to Korea she had been getting way more hits than me, and has had more followers.

Yesterday she yelled "Why does anyone like you?" while reading my blog. She has become greatly jealous, since my blog is more popular than hers.

We are, by no means, even remotely popular, I have 8 followers and paltry 31 hits (average) a day. I have KRD to thank to a massive spike in trafic yesterday (42 referrals, up from 1 on average). The link from his site being added, not for anything I had written, but for a scary spider video I stole off YouTube.

So thanks KRD, for giving my wife another reason to hate me.


  1. Haha, sorry man. I'm glad I could share some traffic your way.

  2. GodUol,
    You write a damn good blog son!! Keep it up!!

  3. The only reason you are more popular is because you have ME to write about!!

  4. Unfortunately, the wife does have somewhat of a point. The "period" entry was "gold", Jerry "gold". In all fairness, you could not have pulled that baby off if it weren't for your wife's monthly misfortune.