Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super sized me

Apparently I am grossly obese. I have always thought that I needed to drop 10 lbs or so, but I think that all and all I look pretty normal. However, one day one of my wife's coworkers saw me waiting for the bus. She told my wife about it the next day.

"I saw husband. He vely fat!"

Maybe by Korean standards, I am vely fat. Although there actually quite a few chubby bastards running around here, since I am tall (er than them), and wider than them, and American, I am automatically fat. I also have either been working out, or working a physically demanding job for most of my life, and dont have noodle arms and legs like the dudes here, running around in their skin tight girl pants. I would say I probably outweigh 90%of the natives by a good 50lbs or so, of course I am also at least 4-6 inches taller than most of them too.

I don't really think I am that fat. My wife says I think I am skinnier than I actually am, that I am vely fat, and its like I have reverse anorexia or something.

This is most likely not a good idea, knowing the people of the interwebs, but her I am in all my glory.

Too much white....

I am fat? Only by korean standards, by american standards? What do you think?

My wife has wanted me to set goals for losing weight (bikini season is right around the corner!), but I am not all that passionate about it. So she is now trying to bribe me. If I lose an inch off my waist, I get to purchase an expansion on one of my games from xbox live. Or if I lose 1 1/2" I get to buy a new game. So if I wanted an expansion and game, I would need to lose 2 inches total.

For all the VG nerds out there, I am eying the expansions for fallout 3 and fable 2 and maybe mass effect (1 is available for download on Xbox live)

I decided to measure my waist to see where I am at right now. We searched our whole rice patty of a town, and could not find one fucking measuring tape. I had to use a belt, marker, and 12 inch ruler to figure it out. Right now my waist, at the belly button is 37inches, which is actually a lot bigger than I thought it was.

Maybe I do have reverse anorexia...?


  1. You could always lose 2 pounds and but Fallout 3 Game of the year edition and get all 5 DlC for like 30 bucks, and get DlC for a different game. Or trade in games to and buy a different game without having to lose weight.

  2. uh, on a side note, how did you pack your xbox? I'm trying to figure out how to safely get mine there

  3. @ WTF I wrapped it in towels and clothes, and packed it in a suitcase with a really firm shell.

    @jesushatesmonglols, I cant really trade in games
    (or buy new ones without paying huge shipping fees or modding the box) here, So I am just going to have to download the content and games from Xbox live.
    PS. DIC?

  4. Koreans judge to an extreme people who don't like them. If you're tall and well proportioned, then you're a giant skinny person. If you've got a thin mustache and a goaty, you're a bearded hairy yeti. If you're 1 inch taller and 2 pounds heavier than the average Kim, you're a fat ass.

    Don't even consider Koreans thoughts. They're the most useless advices/judgements you could ever hear. If that can make you feel better, I'd do you on the spot if I were a fag. A game expansion, though, deserves a few abdominal efforts.

  5. That was supposed to be DLC (Downloadable content). Good point on the shipping thing. There is always, I believe the have a three dollar shipping deal on every order.

  6. @ baekseju, Thanks, just a little FYI in case you ever switch teams, I am a power top.
    @jesushatesmongols, thanks, I will check overstock out.