Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mrs. Awesomecool blogged yesterday about getting a fat pay raise and some extra vacation days. Turns out her school is in an Industrial/Factory area, and even though the contract says only rural areas (not positive, I will have to look it up) get extra cash money and +5 vacation days, she is getting it. My school is two or three city blocks away, it takes less than 10 minutes for me to walk to it. Yet I am not getting extra cash or vacation! What gives?

Is my school mysteriously not in a factory area? Do we have cleaner air, fresher water, and better living conditions over hear? WTF?

In a jealous rage I asked the head Englishee teacher if I could have some more money and vacation days too. She called the administration office. Their answer was a big, fat maybe. We too are considered to be in a factory area, but they have to call the administration office to see if I can get the extra cash. They did not say anything about the vacation days, but if my pay bump is approved, I get back pay all the way from October when I started. That means and extra ₩500,000 won on my next check, pending approval. Between the wife and I (also entitled to back pay) an extra grand for February seems pretty fucking nice.

Fingers crossed on it, extra vacation days or not it would be nice to have some extra dough.