Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My wife is pissed!

My wife is soooo fucking angry right now. Why you may ask? Well there are a number of reasons really. First of all, her sister just returned from the USA. Its not that she is mad at her sister, or does not like her. She likes her sister as much as her tiny black heart will let her like anyone. Hey I am probably her most favorite person in the world, and she barely tolerates me.

She is mad because her sister returned with a suitcase full of food from the USA. My wife only eats organic food. We gave my sister in law a list of items to buy, and told her where to buy them for the best price. My wife's aunt decided she would do all the shopping herself. She would not let my sister in law come with her, because she had a "weird energy" about it. That was because my sister in law, knows my wife. She knew my wife would flip out if any of it was not organic.

My sister in law came back with a tub of peanut butter. My wife has been dreaming about this peanut butter for months. A tiny container of organic peanut butter cost about $12-$14 here. Back in the US we can get it for under $3 a container. I told them where to get it. It is a place they shop at often.

The tub of peanut butter is not organic. My wife is threatening to throw it out. My sister in law returned with coconut milk. That is also not organic. She returned with nothing organic. She dragged about 100lbs of food across the world, because we asked for it, and now we have to throw it away,because my wife will not eat non-organic food.

Wife is mad for another reason. I bought her a brand new camera. She could not be more livid. It is a $700 camera that I bought for $400 brand new, this years model. Still, she is completely irate about it. How could I have been so insensitive.


  1. It's clear the camera was not organic then...

  2. So glad to see you found something to write about today! :):)

  3. Send that non-organic stuff down to Daegu! No need to waste perfectly good food. (I prefer organic, but since I'm in Korea I'll eat just about anything.)