Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bringing home the benjamins

So as you all know, my wife is making an extra 100,000 won a month more than me now. She is getting the money because her school (about a 10 minute walk from mine) is zoned industrial by the administration, and according to her school, she is entitled to more cash and vacation time for it.

I asked the English head teacher to look into it and she called the administration office, and the administration office, and they told her "No fucking way you are paying that fucking foreigner a penny more!" more or less. So now my wife is the bigger breadwinner for the family, and of course this is only feeding the fire of her already enormous fucking ego.

A while back, the head of the English dept. told me that there would be a possibility of a couple extra class hours for the new school year, and wanted to know if I would be interested. I said sure, thinking the extra pay for one or two classes a week would be nice. With that extra money, I might be able to at least tie with my wife for the title of breadwinner, if not barely surpass her.

Today she told me that there would be 8 extra classes a week. She also said that she would negotiate for me to get paid an extra 5,000 won an hour, so it would match what other teachers get. Right now I finish work at 4:30, but since my normal classes are over at 3pm, with the extra 2 hours I will be finishing at 5pm. So now I am looking at earning up to an extra 200,000 won a week and leaving work just 45 minutes later than I normally do.

I told my wife the great news, and how do you think she reacted?

She was of course, mad. I could tell her I won the lottery and she would probably be angry about it. She is upset because she thinks her dinner will be postponed 4 nights a week (she cant cook, seriously the woman could burn a bowl of cold cereal). She does not care that with extra money, we will not need to stay in Korea (which she now hates with a passion) as long. She does not care that I will only get home 20-30 minutes after she does.


Its because I will be making more money than her, again. She does not like that one little bit. She would rather work here another whole year, enduring all the annoyances and cold weather than leave after one contract. Not if that means me making more money than her, and more importantly if her dinner is a little later than she is use to.


  1. you're really selling me on marriage

  2. You know very well I have no interest in who makes more. Although, as of now, it's totally me!! Hahahaha! Your wife makes more than you!!! Mock, mock, mock.