Thursday, March 25, 2010

In the loop

The day started out shitty, with the bus being late. I was 20 minutes late to work, but no one noticed. When I get to school, I first go to my office, in my classroom, which is on the ass end of the school. I am like a ninja in the shadows, slinking through unlit hallways silent as a ghost. Since no one sees me come in, and the VP and head teacher are busy in the morning, they don't actually know when I arrive. Sometimes they ask, if I go to the office to get some tea, and I just tell them "Oh I was in the classroom setting up for my next class."

Then I had my first couple of classes, which were normal, except that since we are having a test next tuesday (they told me yesterday) we needed to finish up the second chapter in our textbooks, with a section taking two weeks to complete, with only four days to do it for 8 classes, 4 of which I teach between now and the test.

The week previous I was ready to start on the second chapter, but the head teacher, and my co-teachers decided we needed another week to finish up the first chapter. They decided (last Friday, that I should teach the writing section that we had originally decided I should not teach). I rolled with it, and created lesson plans for it. They were going fine until Thursday.

On Thursday, they suddenly realized with the test only 4 days away, on the first two chapters, it might be prudent to start on the second chapter. So the last few classes, instead of taking lead, I have been taking a side seat. I was originally told that all they needed was the first five minutes of class, of course having no concept of time (otherwise they would have realized that covering two chapters in four weeks, might mean that you should cover every two weeks?) 30 minutes later I am left with maybe 15 minutes for me to breeze through my lesson plan which originally takes two 45 minute classes to complete.

Oddly, the last 2 classes I was scheduled to have (and I checked the schedule for changes) have not shown up. This usually means that they are combining classes, jamming over 50 kids into the tiny classrooms and gang-teaching the hell out of them. I am usually invited to participate in these teach-orgies as I am responsible for teaching certain chapters, and keeping track of individual class progress. However, I have not received a formal invitation, and have no Idea where on the six floors of the school the classes are being held, so I am not inclined to actually go out and find them.

What this means for me and my lesson plans....well, you never fucking know.

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