Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm popular!

Well November 11th was Pepero day here in the land of the rising fun. In case you didn't know(I didn't know)it is a brand new holiday, only three years old or so. It was created by the Lotte corporation to boost sales of its Pepero products(a pocky rip-off).

So the end result is everyone comes to school loaded to the gills with these chocolate covered pretzel sticks. Students bring them, teachers bring them, and they hand them out like its Halloween. I of course had no idea, and when I got to school and people started handing me pocky sticks left and right, I was rather confused. I guess I was suppose to bring some too, but no one told me so all I could do was collect the stuff.
By the end of the day I scored 5 whole boxes, one package, and one large stick of the crap. I am keeping those in my desk in case I want to re-gift them as treats to classes later. I was offered and politely declined several sticks of the junk throughout the day, but the unwrapped and sometimes half-eaten sticks were unappealing to me for two reasons.
A: They contain dairy, and I don't eat dairy.
and 2: They were in your MOUTH! why the fuck would I want your half eaten pretzel stick?
I asked my wife how much she got, she was only offered a couple sticks, no boxes. Looks like we know who the popular one is now.


  1. Pepero day has been around for years and years. At least 11 that I know of

  2. I was told by my Korean co-teacher that it started about 3 years ago, maybe she meant it started getting popular 3 years ago. I only understand half the shit these people say.