Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I hope it was just gum

Today I just barely missed my bus on the way to work. I had to wait about 10 minutes for the next one. By the time the next bus rolled up there was a sizable crowd of people waiting. The bus was already standing room only, and packed in like sardines. The next bus was due in 4 minutes. I said fuck it, I dont feel like dry humping to work today. I waited for the next one.

I have never seen a Korean just wait for the next one. I dont know if it is an American thing, with our issues about personal space, or maybe the Koreans are always running late to get to work. The next bus rolled up in less than two minutes, and while all the seats were filled, there was plenty of standing room. I felt very clever for waiting, and while the bus did eventually get crowded, it was not filled to capacity like the previous one.

While I was riding, I noticed a man on the bus. He looked like he had a wad of gum stuck to the base of his skull. It is entirely possible that is was a piece of gum, Koreans have a reputation for passing out all over the place. It is more likely that it was some hideous growth caused by the pollution here, but as I did not get a chance to rip it off the back of his head (I really wanted to give it a good tug, but I was afraid it might be contagious) I could not say for certain. I really hope that was gum.

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