Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hilarious post

I read something funny today. It was about Butt love.

I went to the foreign market yesterday with my sister in law. It was a pretty uneventful trip, though we did purchase a dragon fruit.

I had seen them before (not in the USA) in the Hundai Department store, for about 16,000 won apiece. I also saw them in Jinro Mart for 22,000 won for a box of 4. I bought one for 4,000 won.

They also had Durians, which I had not seen in this country. If you have not had a durian, well it is a life changing experience. They are the most unique fruit I have ever tasted.

One of the reasons I really want to visit Thailand while I am in the East is to have a fresh Durian.

They are called the Heaven or Hell fruit, because you either love them or hate them. My wife and youngest hate them. My oldest and I like them. She likes them more than me though. It is kind of hard for me to really love something that tastes like a cross between vanilla pudding and onions.

Getting back to the dragon fruit, it was OK. I dont know if it was all the way ripe, because it was not very sweet. It had a taste like kiwi, and sorbet, and a little like melon. The kids liked it and devoured it like the wild animals they are. I swear you would think we are starving those kids. But I feed them last week!

We had a white one.

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