Thursday, September 9, 2010


Last night my Superfantabulous and I watched Wanted.

It was a pretty entertaining movie, not to be taken seriously of course with dramatic way, way over the top action scenes with reminded me of the much under appreciated "Last action hero" staring the Governator.

During the first car chase scene Angelina Jolie is driving a red sports car that magically makes cop cars exploded when rammed, but mysteriously cannot outrun a dog food delivery truck. It probably is one of the best car chase scenes I have seen cars flying over other cars, bullets flying, explosions and all of it too insane to be taking serious at all. During that scene this is miss Superfluousness:

"Oh, my god!" Hand covers mouth.
Sharp intake of breath from the danger.
"Gasp!" again
"Did you see that?" I am sitting next to her, watching the same movie. So yes, I did.
"WooooW" (extended wow.)
"Gasp!" number three.
"Ohmygod!" (Oh my god in one word)

What should be noted is that Mrs. Superfantabulous is no fan of the action genera, and in fact hates car chase scenes with a passion. So for her to enjoy something so immensely and to be on the edge of her seat with excitement means that this was no ordinary car chase scene, and the movie was a step above the other mindless shit rolling out of Hollywood.

It was still mindless shit of course, just slightly better mindless shit. I enjoyed it.


  1. Once you actually been in a couple of real-life car chases (I was caught up in a couple while living out in L.A. and through no fault of my own), you will lose all taste for them. Hell, on my way out of L.A. for good, I was caught in this lowlife's truly disturbing one.

    I don't know what scarred me the most, watching him kill is dog in such a gruesome way or waiting in my car for hours until the crime scene guys finally cleared his grey matter away and the traffic could finally move again.

  2. Well, there's at least one genre of movies that you can watch without causing a possible divorce. :)