Tuesday, September 7, 2010

English Lessons

As I have already stated countless times, I don't really do lesson plans. The school I work for has mandated materials that are all covered in CD-ROM. It has lessons in grammar, reading, speaking and listening with audio and video tracks all performed by Native English Speakers.

Even though there seems to be a high production value in the materials, they are of course are rife with spelling and grammar mistakes, and the odd Englishee such as "I have never written or gotten a letter since last year."

All the dialogue is terribly boring, performed by ugly actors with droning monotone voices. There is absolutely no effort being made to capture the interest of the students who pretty much zone out when I play the videos. It takes a herculean effort just to pay attention.

In the chapter we are doing right now I noticed some writing on one of the actors T-Shirts. This is what it said:

It was worn by one of the Native English Speakers. I guess someone has a sense of humor.


  1. OMG that's amazing. What grade level do you teach again?

  2. That is such a fantastic shirt... did you buy it?

  3. No, the one in the video is better, it has one of those classic cartoon ad guys from the 50's with the shirt and tie saying it.