Monday, June 14, 2010

Why dont koreans feed thier kids?

Maybe it is just my school, but all my students are always hungry. They constantly beg, whine and cry for food and candy, whether I have it or not. Every time they see me with food, if they can not say

"Teacher I hungry, please give!"

They open their mouths as wide as possible and motion emphatically for me to feed them like baby birds harassing a mother bird.

The clownish begging is one things, but some of my kids are so hungry that I have witnessed them eating the leavings of other students off the floor of my classroom. Its really embarrassing to see my students degrade themselves like that.

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  1. It isn't just your school. Years ago I used to bring food in for the kids to treat them from time to time. Deokkbokki, bangtiggi, kimbap, things like that. Unfortunately they then start to expect it all the time.

    I had to start doing it rarely, if a class deserved a treat.

    When kids complained they were hungry I would agree with them and tell them they should talk to their parents or the director. I felt like a cad doing it but it isn't our job to feed the kids. The parents should make sure they eat properly.