Monday, June 28, 2010

They want me sooo bad.

My school keeps asking me if I am going to renew my contract or not. They have been going to a lot of open classes lately, and have probably seen some of the mutants that the other schools hired as NETS.

I have ran into quite a few lately, and though most schools have been lucky enough to hire white males and females, they have definitely been scraping the bottom of the genetic cracker barrel for the ones they got.

I bumped into one waiting for the bus the other day, and the man looked old enough to be my grandfather. While I had more fingers on one hand than he had teeth in his mouth, I am fairly certain It was not mister wonderful (he did not look dazzling in a suit). The mans putrefied gob was absolutely hypnotic, it was like a train wreck of white mucous and decaying bacteria, that I could not stop staring at. I know that all Koreans think that us whiteskins are beautiful, with our long heads, and huge noses and kimchi+ sized dicks, I just could not imagine his classes telling him how handsome he was day after day, like I get with enthusiastic thumbs up and the Occasional "WOW" even though they have seen my ugly face every school day for the last nine months.

In the town where we live (not teach) there are two plus sized gals waddling around, both with faces that look like they fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. If my co-teachers have been to any of these schools lately, they might have figured out that even though I am no prize pig myself, they got pretty dang lucky.

I guess I should thank all the uglies out there, contributing to my job security. And to all the NETS hotter than me (not too many in this area) you are welcome.

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