Monday, April 26, 2010

I miss variety

That is the one thing I really miss about America. There are a million stores selling a million brands of a million products. You could buy almost any type of fruit or vegetable year round, shop for clothing of any size and brand, or buy things online for incredibly cheap prices.

In Korea, not so much. Every town has the same cell phone stores, book stores, clock stores(they are really into clocks here)and bakeries and they are all selling the exact same products. You might find a little more variety at your e-mart or homepluses, but the bulk of what they sell is exactly the same as what everyone else is selling.

There are foreign markets in Seoul that sell some a lot of products that you cant get anywhere else, put the prices are high and the selection is limited.

There are places that sell foreign sized clothes, but the last pair of jeans I looked at were $150.00 and looked pretty shoddy. And forget about a good pair of running shoes. Unless you want a stylish pair of rocking elevator shoes.

Oh well, I least I can afford to buy shit over here. Back in the good old US all my money went to rent, food and heat.


  1. So true. Walk into any convenience store and you're presented with the same shit: kimchi, crappy soft drinks, shitty ice cream, boring crisps (chips), etc etc. It's all inferior and limited versions of stuff you see in better countries.

  2. Spain did not have much variety, but it was a shitload more than you get here.

  3. Yeah, I never noticed in Spain. It always seemed reasonable to me.

  4. Have you been to the US? Because it is a stark difference between the US and Spain. There are so many different options in the US it is ridiculous. I dont know how it is in The UK, but in the US we not only have every food you can think of (except mangosteens), but we have at least a dozen varieties of each of those foods. Say you want a can of beans. Black, white, red, pinto, etc. etc., whole, refried, refried with chilies, low sodium, organic, non-organic, spicy, non-spicy, etc. 12 oz, 24 oz, economy size and this would be in just a Safeway.
    You could get even more variety by going to Trader Joes, Albertsons, specialty organic stores, whole foods, Costco, Walmart and the like.
    Its no wonder we are fat. We are food obsessed.