Thursday, July 22, 2010

Building the glorious republic of Korea

There has been a construction site next to my school building something enormous, but until recently they were still digging the ground. Now they have three giant tower cranes, a foundation poured, and several double decker Cargo containers that you see all over Korea that have been converted into housing or offices.

Along with the new tower cranes and offices they have installed a massive sound system that blares music all day long. Thankfully its not K-pop, but since its still Korean music, its not much better.

What they play sounds like propaganda music, praising a glorious leader, and industrious nation that is rivaled by none. I myself have begun saluting all my co-teachers of the superior race and doing that ridiculous hop-march thing down the hallways.

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  1. When I moved to the YongAm dong area of Cheongju in 2002 there was a big pit where they were going to build am office tower or some such tall building. The pit was still there in the spring of 2010. Some work had been done but the sidewalk has been closed off for EIGHT years while they have been working on this building. And if the last 8 is any indication it will be 20-30 years before the building is finished of they are lucky.

    Which is strange because buildings usually go up pretty fast in Korea.